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You Will Learn - Dani Johnson -  Spirit Driven Success Series

You Will Learn - Dani Johnson - Spirit Driven Success Series
English | Audio | 10 CDs | Size: 900 mb
Genre: Video Traning
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Conquer Fear & Poverty Mindset? Unlock The Doors To True Wealth, Prosperity, Riches and Happiness ? Hidden Ancient Scriptures Show You Exactly How!

Inside This Revealing 10 CD Audio Series You Will Learn:
Spiritual Laws that can exponentially multiply your prosperity
How to become more valuable to your company so that they pay you more and let you work less time
How to increase the success you are already experiencing
Proven ways to turn risk into increase
How to be trusted with a little so you are given even more
What causes stress and how you can avoid it
How to experience the joy of being free from self-sabotage
What a leader is and how you can become one
Exactly what causes Fear and how to overcome it in all areas of your life
How to not let circumstances determinutese your fate
How to know when your Faith is being tested and how to pass the test
And so much more!!
What to do if you are unsure about your future
Ways to increase influence

CD#1: Conquering the Financial Kingdom

Uncover the 7 habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle and learn how to avoid them
Discover the 10 Step Wealth Formula to create prosperity and success in your life!
Know how to avoid the pitfalls that hinder your prosperity!
Positionyourself to receive the fullness of God?s blessing in every area!
Obtain strategies for times of feast and faminutese so that you are prepared for any economic condition
Get out from under cloud of confusion that money is the root of all evil
Recognize and avoid the disease of poverty
Learn the rules of the financial kingdom that create wealth and when and where to apply them
Become wealthy without being greedy
Realize the bigger purpose of money and how you can have a greater impact on the causes you care most about
Receive God?s grace?know that it?s ok to make mistakes

CD#2: Use It Or Lose It

Learn how to multiply what you?ve been given so that your money works for you
Move forward using your gifts and talents without fear
Find out how to be trusted with little so that you are given more
See how to get promoted from where you are to a higher position
Know how to serve God in your work so that your efforts will be mightily blessed
Avoid the whining and complaining disease so that you don?t stop progress in its tracks
Observe what working with a spirit of excellence looks like and how that results in prosperity
Use your wealth to set a good example locally and worldwide
Discover how to turn risk into increase receiving maximum returns from time and money invested
Become more valuable to your company so that they pay you more and let you work less time

CD#3: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover 15 Biblical Gifts that you possess for every area in your life and how you can benefit from them daily!
Learn how to deal with people who are trying to change you so that they accept you for who you are and work with a spirit of cooperation
Learn what your gifts are and how you can use these gifts in your work place
Know how to make a difference in your surroundings and pull the best out in people
Understand what a vision is and what will it do for you
Find out how to get God?s help instead of relying on your own strength
Recognize what Faith really is and how it works for you
Receive the lasting fruit from using God?s gifts

CD#4: The Power Of Unity

Learn how to create the ?glue? to build an unstoppable organization
Learn what produces arguments within your organization and learn how to stop them before they happen
Know 3 things that prevent unity and how to stay away from them
Discover the disease that stops you from growing personally, spiritually and financially
Discover what causes stress and how you can avoid it
Uncover 7 different ways to bring unity in your group so that they work more effectively and produce more results
Recognize the power of honor and obedience and how these traits build character and trust

CD#5: Keys To Unstoppable Growth

Understand what a leader is and how you become one
Learn the importance of following the right people who really have success and can show you how
Know who you can always depend on for success no matter what your circumstances
Uncover the one thing that gives you power over fear and makes you unstoppable
Become an expert at achieving excellence in your work so that you are recognized and never passed over for a promotion
Understand why you must choose your words carefully and how this affects you and everyone around you
See the quickest road to poverty and how to stay off it
Discover the key to breaking poverty and how to unlock the door to wealth and prosperity
Know how to prosper where you are planted so that your success is immediate and gets noticed by the right people
Find out one key activity you need to do every day to insure success
Harness the power of God?s love in leading people so that others naturally want to follow

CD#6: Facing Your Giants

Identify your giants and learn how to slay them
Find out how to bring back your fighting spirit so that you can bust through any adversity
Recognize the power of trust in Him and receive the blessing of His promise
Discover how to not let circumstances determinutese your fate so that you have more control over your future
Learn how to become a king and have dominutesion in the market place
Acquire the secret to overcominutesg anything so that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals
Learn when FEAR enters in and how to prevent it
Learn 3 weapons that are used against you everyday and learn how to neutralize them
Know how to attack the giants without hesitation so that you can always have the upper hand in difficult situations

CD#7: Your Most Powerful Weapon

Know how to use your most powerful weapon to create success in every area of your life
Understand how much control you actually have over life and death and how it affects your success
Unleash the power to create so that you never run out of opportunities to betteryourself
Provide a fun and exciting environment that motivated people love to be around
Learn how to resist the enemy and make him flee
Discover what breeds life, power and strength and how to use it everyday to get ahead
Learn 4 steps to stay free from captivity, keeping the doors to freedom unlocked and ready for you to walk through
Know how to get God?s help with anything
Find out how to banish worry, fret and fear so that you are constantly moving forward toward your goals
Uncover ways to starve doubt, fear and unbelief so that they have no power over you
Acquire ways to become drama free and keep ''drama queens'' from bringing you down
Understand the power of conviction and the blessing that it brings
Fine tune your weapon for pinpoint accuracy so that you stay focused and on target
Harness the ultimate power and authority so that you have strength, wisdom and courage when you need it most
Know how to breathe life over everything and everyone around you so that you are assured to attract quality people who get things done and are a joy to be around

CD#8: Your Turn To Prosper

Learn how to pass the test of Faith and reap the many benefits
Understand the difference between man?s unity and God?s unity, making sure there is harmony on your team
Keepyourself from being put into a box so that there are no limits to what you can accomplish
Find favor in the eyes of your superiors so that they will help you advance instead of hold you back
Lay the foundation for promotion so that you are prepared for the next level
Discover ways to triple your results, getting way more done in less time
Uncover the pitfalls that will insure that you NEVER get promoted and discover ways to stay clear of them
Unleash the power of diversity in harmony to get the most out of the people you work with
Know what to do when things look bad so that you stay on the right course
Know how to bring about the success you deserve
Recognize when you are being tested for a promotion so that you can make all the right moves at the right time
Know Who it is that promotes you and what you need to do to keep Him on your side
Learn how to prosper during a faminutese assuring even greater success during a big harvest
Find out how taking care of the small things produce huge rewards

CD#9: Shortcuts To Success

Discover what the will of God is for your life and how you can use this to build on your strengths
Know what to do if you are unsure about your future
Uncover the secret to growing from 40% to 700% in 2 and a half years
Reveal the 2 things you depend on that cripple your chances for wealth in your life and how to free yourself from them
Learn how to make sure that you lack nothing so that you and those you care the most about are always provided for
Discover the truth about money and learn how to make it work for you
Know the sure way to receive poverty and the sure way to receive wealth that gives you the clear distinction on which direction to take
Discover the 2 things that lead to profit and how to immediately put them into play
Learn the age old formula for wealth and enhance your lifestyle dramatically
Utilize the 3 action oriented words that propel you to prosperity
Know how to ask for what you want and get it
Uncover the spiritual keys to expand your territory so that there is always an abundance of opportunity

CD#10: The BIG Picture & Your Part In It

Learn the 10 things you are called to do as a king in the marketplace that give you a fulfilling success track to run on
Discover your vital piece in the big puzzle that reveals your purpose and gives you direction
Significantly increase your influence so that your contributions are recognized and have great impact
Realize the importance of winning the three-fronted battle and enjoy the thrill of victory it brings
Make sure you don?t fall into the ''righteousness'' trap that closes off your opportunities build lasting relationships
Promote the concept of diversity in harmony to bring different people together united in one common cause
Know how to immunizeyourself from the conformity disease so that you don?t get sucked into mediocrity
Find out how to work with excellence and reap the rewards
Know if you have poverty thinking and how to shift to a prosperity minutesdset

You Will Learn - Dani Johnson -  Spirit Driven Success Series

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