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Dan Kennedy ? Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits
Dan Kennedy ? Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits
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Dan Kennedy Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits
Includes additional material, manual and transcripts.
The ?Secrets? to Maximum DIRECT MAIL Profits?

?With Sophisticated List Segmentation, Message Specificity, and Other ?Insider Strategies? including AMAZING Examples & Case Histories


To: Anyone serious about dramatically increasing results and profits from DIRECT MAIL


has been very, very, very good to me! And to my best clients. From writing my very first, primitive, stumbling-all-over-themselves sales letters written out longhand on legal pads?and sitting on the couch in my dinky apartment, stuffing my own envelopes, assisted only by my Cat-Who-Licked-Stamps (left behind by ex-wife #1)? to life as a multi-millionaire unbowed by recessions (plural), with the ability to create desired income at will, building business after business, and supporting my chosen lifestyle ? complete with considerable privacy, two homes, great vacations, a stable of racehorses and the time to drive professionally myself over 100 times a year ? it?s all been made possible by DIRECT MAIL.

More American fortunes are based on DIRECT MAIL than on any other one thing, and mastering the profitable use of DIRECT MAIL is, in my experience, not an option; it is ESSENTIAL. This has been my #1 media of choice for more than 30 years, and I have made more money for myself and my clients with DIRECT MAIL than with many other media combined. EVERYONE can benefit RIGHT NOW from improved, more sophisticated use of DIRECT MAIL, whether the owner of a small, local business or an international empire, sales professional, internet marketer, or self-employed professional in private practice.

Frankly, most people who use ? or try to use and are disappointed with ? DIRECT MAIL, to their own customers or to acquire customers, approach it in a horribly unsophisticated, primitive and clumsy manner?with all the focus on the copy, the offer, and gimmicks, and far too little attention given to ?THE WHO? the mail is trying to connect with. And that?s what this is all about?

?Practical Solutions to the
Challenges Facing Marketers Today

Recently I spent an entire extra day at the end of our annual SuperConference pulling back the curtain and revealing the ?secrets? I?ve learned over the past three decades that allowed me amass a FORTUNE with DIRECT MAIL and have put me in the ?income-at-will? position. My business partner, BILL GLAZER (the King of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising and #1 best-selling author of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising that?s OUTRAGEOUSLY Effective) also shared his bountiful and valuable insights.

Those in the audience paid as much as $3,500.00 to attend the SuperConference plus the extra BONUS Day. The bad news is that this event will NEVER be repeated. But don?t despair, the good news is that the entire day was professionally recorded and this information is now available as a home study course which might be even better considering you won?t have to take time out of your busy schedule or pay for travel, hotel, and meals. You can watch or listen in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule and hit the rewind button whenever you want to reinforce important points or just hear them again. And the best news is your investment won?t be anywhere near $3,500.00.

Here?s What the ?Unlocking the Secrets to MAXIMUM DIRECT MAIL Profits NOW? Home Study Course is all about:

1. Opportunity: I GUARANTEE you will discover at least one opportunity to profit from this course (probably more than one). You?ll discover at least one thing that you?re not doing, that you should start doing to get better results. Armed with these insights, you?ll also start thinking differently about your customers, prospects, and your marketing.
2. Recession Combat: When you apply the information presented in this course, you?ll be much more EFFICIENT at investing your marketing dollars and consistently getting profitable results.
3. The NEW Economy: Consumers are becoming more discerning, thoughtful and increasingly resistant to irrelevant, common, unessential marketing messages. This is all about unlocking the secrets of DIRECT MAIL that make your marketing message relevant, extraordinary, and important.
4. The POWER of Lists: It?s not rocket science but using lists can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating (especially to those who don?t use them regularly). When you hear what I have to share about lists, list selection, and list segmentation, you?ll see the light. You?ll have a better appreciation for lists, more motivation to use them, and you?ll know how to use them more effectively than 99% of marketers.
With full, in-depth understanding of ALL the puzzle-pieces including lists, list selection, list segmentation and smart use of your lists, you will gain ENORMOUS LEVERAGE ? so you can make each marketing dollar do the work of ten. This home study course was designed so you can take a quantum leap in understanding in sophistication, in skill, in confidence and in super-profitable use of DIRECT MAIL.

BILL GLAZER and I have this in common. His greatest advantage over all his competitors in his past life in retail ? the advantage that vanquished even giant brand-name competitors ? was his brilliant use of DIRECT MAIL. My advantage in every business I?ve ever been involved in, including the speaking business? which I used to build a giant annuity, a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar business NOT dependent on ever-continuing manual labor while many famous speakers have wound up working for 20, 30, 40 years with no equity to show for it, still in need of their next gig?was DIRECT MAIL. And the advantage you NEED NOW to triumph in the toughest economic environment battled with in more than 20 years is ? I assure you ? making the best possible use of DIRECT MAIL. That is what we have put together for you in this detailed home study course, and you dare not, must not, cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to learn from to masters of DIRECT MAIL. (One other thing Bill and I have in common: bluntly, unabashedly, we are both rich, and these two commonalities are not coincidence.)

In this ground-breaking home study course, you will get behind closed doors of a number of businesses ? those owned by Glazer-Kennedy Members and ?outsiders? ? that rely on DIRECT MAIL, and use it more intelligently and profitably than you can imagine. You will learn to do in-depth, ingenious analysis of your customers and information about them, in order to better apply the single most important and powerful moneymaking strategy I teach (of all that I teach) to:

* GROW your business even in the tough economy (You can put yourself in the ?income-at-will? position. Trust me. It?s a GREAT position to be in.)
* Much MORE EFFECTIVELY ATTRACT ideal customers (Most marketers are happy to attract anybody with a pulse and that?s just plain dumb. Wouldn?t it be better to attract only those who want to deal with you on your terms? I?ll show you how to do it.)
* Attract more AFFLUENT CUSTOMERS if you so desire (Obviously affluent customers spend more money and are the least and last affected by economic turbulence. Why not sell to them?)
* And of equal or greater importance, extract a great deal more patronage and profit from your past and present customers and accumulated/unconverted leads through list division and better list use.

There is, I promise you, amazing, untapped ?stored value? in your existent lists, that you can only release and access with the golden keys I am prepared to hand you exclusively in this one-of-a-kind home study course. Tapping this ?stored value? might be the difference for you between survival and extinction, or better, between mere survival and a new, incredible income boom while all around you, businesses go bust.

Friends, it Darwinism time, when the strong eat steak and the weak starve to death, and to be strong, you must be smart about this ? because failing to unlock every ounce of value in every customer or prospect is something no one dare permit.

Bill will show you how to use ?personalization? in every possible perambulation, in ways you have not noticed or recognized as important, in ways you may (incorrectly) think are too costly or complex for you?ways that so dramatically boost response that dirt-cheap little postcards can outperform costly, lengthy sales letters ? that can take a campaign from 2% to 20% response?that offer real breakthrough opportunities. This falls under the category of ?must see.?

The Earth is NOT Flat and ?Business as Usual? is Dead

Mark Penn, in his book Microtrends, astutely observes that the power of individual choice has never been greater and that the solution is micro-targeting ? identifying small, intense subgroups and communicating with them about their individual needs and wants. Micro-Targeting has NEVER been more critical in marketing than it is today? and that is what list selection and segmentation are all about.

If you?ve tried DIRECT MAIL and had less than stellar results, you shouldn?t think for a minute that DIRECT MAIL doesn?t work in your business. You can?t find a business of ANY kind where DIRECT MAIL isn?t being used profitably. It?s like arguing the earth is flat because you can?t see the curvature of the earth from where you?re standing.

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making today is sending the same marketing message to the entire list of customer or prospects. This ?one-size-fits-all? (i.e. ?business as usual?) approach is a recipe for disaster. I?ve been preaching about the importance of the ?Message to Market Match? for decades. In this case, the market is the list and everybody on the list will NOT respond to the same message. When DIRECT MAIL disappoints, it is usually due to poor list selection ? a close relative of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Here are just a few of the DIRECT MAIL Gems
you?ll DISCOVER:

* The Biggest Secret in DIRECT MAIL: You cannot m_____ t______ e______ l____ (if you?re doing this, you?re flushing money down the toilet)
* The ?missing link? to profit with DIRECT MAIL (most have lists, relationships with lists, appropriate products/services/offers for the list but few have the ?missing link? Dan shared)
* One of the top ADVANTAGES DIRECT MAIL offers (most marketers severely handicap their copy by not taking advantage of this)
* The Hierarchy of List Values (Are you missing the boat by using the lists of least value?)
* A detailed ?insider? description of Halbert?s famous ?Coat of Arms? business (it?s not what it appeared to be and you can use this simple ? but ingenious ? model yourself)
* Practical ?small? ideas anybody can begin using IMMEDIATELY
* How ?SEGMENTATION? works in personal selling
* How Simple Selling can be with the right list (Making Money with DIRECT MAIL is EASY when you understand how to apply this concept)
* 9 Ways to Get Lists (including List Resources ? even B2B list resources)
* What really determines the success or failure of DIRECT MAIL (this one may surprise you!)
* How people get RICH with DIRECT MAIL (5 simple & proven steps that have created MILLION Dollar Businesses)
* Real-Life Examples of How you could Use Real-life lists to profit NOW
* How to Cleverly Use ?OVERLAYS? to zero-in on your ideal prospect like a guided missile
* How to Unleash the POWER of ?VERSIONING? to EXPLODE DIRECT MAIL profits
* How to get PROFITABLE Lists right for your business
* The 3 vitally IMPORTANT things to consider BEFORE sending a DIRECT MAIL piece
* A little ?inside trick? that increases response to PURLs postcards (if you don?t know what a PURLS postcard is you NEED this resource)
* How an auto repair shop owner INCREASED the response rate to a postcard from 2% to 24%
* How a Business-to-Business marketer beat the control by 30% (Yes, this works in B2B too!)
* Guerilla Lead Generation Tactics (don?t underestimate the POWER of Guerilla tactics)
* What to do when you find a potentially good list to determine if it actually could be a profitable list (this tip could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in wasted advertising expenses)
* The Best Way to Structure the Offer (this is EXTREMELY important and will heavily influence results)
* The right way to test lists (Many marketers are blowing huge wads of cash by screwing this up royally. You won?t be one of them when you hear this.)
* How small volume mailers can handle even the most hostile list brokers (Two tested and proven tactics)
* How to get VALUABLE demographic data on your house list (if you don?t already have it)
* The List SEGMENTATION Strategy Everybody Should Be Doing (just this one thing in your business will make you boatloads of cash)
* And Much MORE!!!Dan Kennedy Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits

Dan Kennedy ? Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits

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